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Our Technology

Woollet is an authentication, verification and distributed data storage ecosystem built on top of the 3Cloud Network that preserves data sovereignty, while providing interfaces to securely interact with peers and institutions in a way that maintains data integrity, validity and confidentiality.

Woollet enables Users with:

And Organizations with:

Woollet's Decentralized Identities Flow

Woollet allows companies to sign and issue personal data to users over their data wallets using a self-sovereign identity approach. In this way, they no longer possess data but it is still accessible to them with the consent of the user.

Users can use data in their wallets to prove information about themselves using Zero-Knowledge Proof or share it as-is to companies or other users. This allows companies to skip privacy compliances like GDPR and verify information seamlessly. For users, this gives them absolute autonomy over their data. The best part is the extent to which data interoperability is achieved through the ecosystem.

Woollet's Distributed Data Marketplace

Another interesting component is the marketplace which allows users to sell their data. It also allows companies to curate verified data from people willing to share their data against legal offers and/or remunerations.

Woollet's 3Cloud Decentralized Storage Network

Typical Server Systems (HTTP-based)

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Woollet Server Systems (IPFS-based)

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How does it work?

The 3Cloud Network is composed by cluster computing, made possible via P2P protocols, to realize a storage cum networking platform. It is an encrypted, secure, and cost-effective service that provides access to an underlying IPFS and multi-blockchain network within the browser.

The data is separated from the IPFS machine. So if the machine running the IPFS node is completely destroyed the data will still be recoverable by pointing a new node at the network bucket that was used by the node that was destroyed.

Our Vision

What are Woollet's backbone elements for Web3?



Blockchain guarantees that data remains consistent across all network entities



Only users will have control of their data, with only them deciding when and how to use it



IPFS-based architecture provides redundancy, making important data and services ultra-secure



Inter-operability and network efficiency are core elements of the technology, even on blockchain



Users and Organizations will be free to join the newly enabled data economy provided by the network



Token-based network incentives will be the main fuel for dynamic user and organization participation


About DataGateway

DataGateway is a Japanese technical consulting company that believes in creating value in the real world through data sharing, analysis, and protection.

DataGateway provides clients with cutting edge solutions of

to solve real problems and create value.

DataGateway takes on all kinds of data handling and emerging technology projects, mainly for large companies, and provides end-to-end solutions through its in house data science, blockchain, networking and cybersecurity teams in Japan, Estonia and Singapore.

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Our Partners

Our partners have worked with us to deliver ever more innovative and successful projects and their support has been vital in achieving our Vision and Goal.

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